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Founded in 2016, the mission of Mindful Wellness is to help people feel better and lead more fulfilling lives.

Our skilled team of therapists are trained in techniques proven to relieve discomfort and actualize long lasting change.

Located in the heart of Berwyn's Depot District, with daytime, evening, and weekend hours, we are able to provide better access to quality therapy services.

We make counseling affordable by accepting most major insurance plans.

Meet our staff

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Jolene Altman MSW, LCSW


Over the years of working with people in intense times of pain, conflict, loss, and hopelessness, I have been shown that people possess the ability to heal when given the opportunity in a safe environment. Working with adults, children and families in a variety of capacities, I have the perspective that through empowering relationships, people are better able to access growth, understanding, and positive change. I believe that understanding existing strengths assists people with accessing change. In my work, I facilitate a collaborative process of identifying goals, working toward self-understanding, and ultimately actualizing changes that people desire.

I specialize in treating infertility, postpartum depression, life-stage issues, relationship issues, adoption, attachment, trauma, adolescent issues, women's issues, parenting, depression, anxiety and family disruption. I provide individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and parent consultation. I work with adults, teenagers, couples and families.

My practice takes a unique approach to each individual, tailoring each treatment plan to meet your needs.
I received my Master in Social Work from Loyola University in 2006 and my LCSW in 2007 and have been in private practice for 9 years.

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Suzanne Muirheid LCPC, CRADC


I continually find myself amazed by the courage and resourcefulness of the clients I get to work with. As a licensed clinical professional counselor, I find so much reward in seeing my clients feel empowered to change their lives for the better.

Prior to cofounding Mindful Wellness in 2016, I worked in community mental health and private practice for several years. My experiences with working with a diverse group of clientele has helped to develop my clinical style and expertise. I have experience successfully treating a variety of issues,with specialties in anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and perinatal mood disorders.

I provide a compassionate and non–judgemental environment to help create and support the changes you desire. My style is friendly and strength-based. The approaches I have found to be most effective in my work are talk therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Creative Writing from The University of Illinois and a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Argosy University.

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Monica Umlauf MSW, LCSW


I believe that most people, at some point in their lives, may face challenging issues, be it job or family stress, relationship issues, death, or illness. My philosophy as a practitioner is to help those dealing with such issues to find support and help in facilitating change where it is needed in order to relieve some of the strain and enhance life experiences. My style is compassionate and individualized. While therapy should always be a forward progress, the pace of therapy should be suited to the individual.

I work primarily within a cognitive/behavioral framework, examining ones belief systems and thought processes to identify possible hindrances and negative behaviors as well as strengths. I consider my methods a goal-oriented team process, in which I help the individual to develop coping skills and utilize one's strengths.

In my practice, I take a holistic approach to helping individuals to manage sometimes difficult life situations. I have an open worldview and non-judgmental outlook.

Caitlin photo

Caitlin Sellers MSW, LCSW


As a mother of three children, I know that parenting can be the most challenging thing you do. If you think your child may be depressed, anxious or overwhelmed, I can help.

If your child is struggling with trauma, learning disorders, conduct disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, defiance or aggression call me.

I also have experience helping gifted children navigate and effectively manage the unique stress they may have.

Hilary photo

Hilary Gilway LCPC


I am inspired daily by the strength and courage people show while overcoming life's difficulties. I believe therapy can create hope, healing, and self-understanding. With encouragement and support, people can better manage life’s challenges and surprises, cope with its disappointments and learn self-compassion.

With genuine care and empathy, I believe people can begin a healing process to relieve sadness, anxiety and pressure from life’s stressors. With relief, people feel better and can move forward and make positive changes in their lives.

I have more than 6 years of experience working with emerging adults and adults managing life and career transitions. My goal is to make a genuine connection to help people start the path to healing and take important steps towards their goals. My interests and expertise include: identity development, managing conflicts, relationships, loss and various issues related to stress, anxiety and depression.

I utilize a strength-based perspective, frequently use a cognitive behavioral framework and identify with solution-focused counseling, when appropriate. My practice and approach is based on a person’s individual needs and consultation. I believe in discussing needs and goals together with clients to create a recommended and individual treatment plan.

Courtney photo

Courtney Burns MSW, LCSW


I love what I do! I believe that therapy is collaboration. Each of us is an expert in our own experience. My role as a therapist is to assist you in understanding your experiences and finding ways of making meaning out of them.

My approach is to use the here and now to facilitate insight into the patterns of living that each of us finds ourselves in. Techniques utilized include; mindfulness, decisional balance analysis, writing exercises and motivational interviewing. I work to contribute coping skills to help manage difficult feelings.

I have experience working with a wide array of clients but I do have specialized training in domestic violence, trauma in children and adults, as well as substance abuse. I provide therapy to couples, families, children, adolescents, and adults.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Portland State University and a Master in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.

 Jennie photo

Jennie Busker LCPC


I believe that children are best understood through their strengths. In therapy, we focus on what's working and build our goals and objectives around the already amazing parts of your child as a vehicle to help them expand and grow into their best self. I have extensive experience working with early childhood, school age, and adolescent children that struggle with the emotional/behavioral symptoms of ADHD, bullying, anxiety, divorce, and depression. In tandem with building on your child's goals, I also provide parent consultation and family therapy to promote support and understanding of the whole family unit.

In my work with adults, creating a therapeutic relationship is essential in beginning to think about and understand their past and present relationships with others and considering new ways to relate to people. Through this understanding, they are able to make better decisions, boost feelings of self worth, and find increased joy in everyday life. I have experience working with couples and individuals struggling with self-sabotage, anxiety, divorce/separation, depression, and anger issues.

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

 Gricel photo

Gricel Serrano LCPC


I believe that everybody has the power and ability to better their own lives. Sometimes people seek guidance to achieve their goals—and that is where a therapist can help. I have several years of practice working with clients who have experienced trauma, transitions, and other difficult circumstances. Through an eclectic framework, I utilize various therapeutic techniques to better help clients identify their triggers while processing trauma and utilizing coping skills to improve well-being.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, I have experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and with diverse mental health needs. I am trained to work with issues related to domestic violence and trauma with both adolescents and adults along with a number of other non-trauma related issues. These include life changes, depression, and anxiety.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University in 2011 and my Master of Arts Degree in Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2014.

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Jiselle Roman LCPC


My desire as a bilingual counselor is to work with individuals on their social-emotional issues to help them find themselves and what they want to accomplish in life. I enjoy working with children and adolescents, which is why I began my career as a school counselor. School-based counseling allowed me to work with students in all age groups that were dealing with a variety of issues such as: depression, anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, negative peer relationships, anger managgement, substance abuse, family conflict, poor decision making, and social skills. Throughout the years I have come to understand that a lot of these issues can be prevented, but it starts in the hoome and that is why family couseling is so important as well.

I feel that working with familes using a holistic approach treats the root of the issue and both individuals and their families are able to learn coping skills to help them function through life successfully. Not only do I counsel children and adolescents, but I also treat adults individually, or couples who are looking for relief with current life stressors such as: life transition, work conflict, marriage, relationships, trauma, and crisis.

I graduated from DePaul University in 2006 with a background in Political Science, but quickly came to know that my passion was to work with people on a more personal level. With this realization, I continued on to graduate school at Saint Xavier University and graduated with my Master of Education in School Counseling in 2009 and Community Mental Health in 2010. I am comfortable offering counseling in both English and Spanish and I tailor my counseling styles to the person I am treating.